2015-16 Storm Centre

The 2015-16 windstorm season was the first instance of the UK Met Office and Met Éireann naming extratropical cyclones to raise awareness of storms causing potential hazards to the UK and Ireland. It was an active season to start the naming system off with a total of eleven named storms. This makes the 2015-16 season the most active to date as of 2020-21. The first storm, Abigail, was named on 12 November 2015 and the last one, Katie, was named on 28 March 2016. 

Storm Katie achieved the max wind gust for the season of 171 kph (106 mph) at Needles (Isle of Wight) on 28 March 2016 whilst Storm Frank recorded the lowest atmospheric pressure bottoming out at 928 hPa on 30 December 2015 in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

The season is infamous for record-breaking floods across the UK and Ireland, particularly during December 2015 and from Storm Desmond which resulted in Ireland's first red status rainfall warning and the first red rainfall weather warning from the Met Office since February 2014. 

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