Hottest day of each year

 United Kingdom

2021: 32.2°C at Heathrow on July 20th

2020: 37.8°C at Heathrow on July 31st

2019: 38.7°C at Cambridge Botanic Gardens on July 25th

2018: 35.6°C at Felsham on July 26th

2017: 34.5°C at Heathrow on June 21st

2016: 34.4°C at Gravesend on September 13th

2015: 36.7°C at Heathrow on July 1st

2014: 32.3°C at Swancombe Marsh on July 18th

2013: 34.1°C at Heathrow on August 1st

2012: 32.4°C at Cavendish on August 18th

2011: 33.1°C at Gravesend on June 27th

2010: 31.7°C at Gravesend on July 9th

2009: 31.8°C at Wisley on June 30th

2008: 30.2°C at Cambridge on July 28th

2007: 30.1°C at Terrington St. Celement & Wisbech on August 5th

2006: 36.5°C at Wisley on July 19th

2005: 32.6°C at Heathrow on June 19th

2004: 31.5°C at Northolt on August 8th

2003: 38.5°C at Brogdale on August 10th

2002: 32.6°C at Northolt on July 29th

2001: 32.2°C at Northolt on June 26th

2000: 32.6°C at Coltishall on June 19th

1999: 32.7°C at Heathrow on August 1st & Honington on August 2nd

1998: 32.2°C at Gravesend on August 10th

1997: 33.1°C at Wellesbourne on August 10th

1996: 33.2°C at Rickmansworth on July 22nd

1995: 35.2°C at Boxworth on August 1st

1994: 33.4°C at Morley St. Botolph on July 12th

1993: 29.7°C at East Bergholt on July 4th

1992: 30.3°C at Malvern on June 29th

1991: 32.1°C at Cromer on July 11th

1990: 37.1°C at Cheltenham on August 3rd

1989: 34.4°C at Mickleham on July 22nd

1988: 30.2°C at Cheltenham on August 7th

1987: 30.1°C at Northolt on August 20th

1986: 32.0°C at Rustington on June 28th

1985: 30.1c at St Louis on July 13th

1984: 31.9°C at St Louis on August 20th

1983: 33.0°C at Hampton on July 15th & East Bergholt on July 16th

1982: 30.7°C at Morley St. Botolph on August 3rd

1981: 29.5°C at Kew on August 5th

1980: 29.4°C at Cors Fochno on June 4th

1979: 30.4°C at Benson on July 27th

1978: 28.8°C at Poolewe on June 4th

1977: 30.0°C at Paisley, Glenlee on July 7th & Onich on July 11th

1976: 35.9°C at Cheltenham on July 3rd

1975: 34.2°C at Heathrow & Stanstead Abbotts on August 8th

1974: 28.0°C at Southampton on June 15th

1973: 32.1°C at Southampton on August 14th

1972: 29.4°C at Perth on July 20th

1971: 30.3°C at Rugby on July 11th

1970: 32.2°C at Aldenham & Stratford-upon-Avon on July 7th

1969: 32.8°C at Letchworth on July 16th

1968: 33.3°C at Camden Square on July 1st

1967: 30.2°C at Watnall on July 17th

1966: 28.9c at Southampton on July 9th; Perth & Crossmyloof on July 21st; Camden Square on August 20th

1965: 28.9°C at Kensington Palace on May 14th

1964: 32.8°C at Cromer on August 26th

1963: 28.9°C at Littlehampton on July 22nd; Ceinws on July 29th; Wisley & Gordon Castle on July 30th

1962: 27.8°C at Writtle on September 3rd

1961: 33.9°C at Regents Park, Camden Square & Gillingham on July 1st

1960: 30.6°C at Wyton on June 18th

1959: 34.4°C at Cromer on July 5th

1958: 29.4°C at Paisley on July 4th & 5th; Leicester on July 8th

1957: 35.6°C at Camden Square on June 29th

1956: 30.0°C at Camden Square on July 26th

1955: 32.8°C at Jersey on August 21st

1954: 30.6°C at Camden Square on September 1st

1953: 33.9°C at Camden Square on August 12th

1952: 33.9°C at Jersey on July 1st

1951: 30.0°C at Southend on July 28th

1950: 33.3°C at Camden Square on June 6th

1949: 33.3°C at Worcester on July 12th

1948: 35.0°C at Milford on July 28th

1947: 34.4°C at Waddington on June 3rd

1946: 30.6°C at London on July 2nd; Finningley on July 12th; Greenwich & Maldon on July 24th

1945: 32.2°C at Norwich & Whitstable on July 15th

1944: 32.8°C at Tunbridge Wells, Horsham & London on May 29th; Long Sutton on May 30th

1943: 33.9°C at Worcester & Croydon on July 31st

1942: 33.9°C at Sprowston on August 27th

1941: 34.4°C at Camden Square on June 22nd

1940: 32.8°C at Cranwell on June 9th

1939: 32.2°C at Camden Square on June 7th

1938: 30.6°C at Camden Square & Reading on August 1st

1937: 33.3°C at Canterbury & Tunbridge Wells on August 7th

1936: 31.7°C at Camden Square on June 20th & 21st

1935: 33.3°C at Attenborough on July 13th

1934: 33.3°C at Attenborough on July 11th

1933: 34.4°C at Margate & Cambridge on July 27th

1932: 36.1°C at Halstead, Tottenham, Camden Square, Regent's Park & Enfield on August 19th

1931: 28.3°C at Bromley on June 14th

1930: 34.4°C at Camden Square on August 29th

1929: 32.2°C at Camden Square & Margate on August 31st; Newport on September 8th

1928: 32.8°C at Camden Square & Newport on July 15th

1927: 29.4°C at Camden Square on June 16th

1926: 32.2°C at Camden Square on September 19th

1925: 33.3°C at Hunstanton on July 22nd

1924: 32.2°C at Camden Square on July 12th

1923: 35.6°C at Camden Square on July 13th

1922: 32.8°C at Camden Square on May 22nd

1921: 34.4°C at Woking & Halstead on July 11th

1920: 27.8°C at Raunds on June 17th

1919: 32.2°C at Raunds on September 11th

1918: 33.9°C at Canterbury on August 22nd

1917: 33.9°C at Reading & Little Massingham on June 17th

1916: 30.0°C at Woking on July 30th; Salisbury on July 31st

1915: 32.2°C at Cromer & Norwich on June 8th

1914: 32.2°C at Woking, New Malden & Wisley on July 1st

1913: 29.4°C at New Malden on June 16th

1912: 32.8°C at Tottenham on July 12th

1911: 36.7°C at Raunds & Canterbury on August 9th

1910: 28.9°C at Maidenhead on June 20th

1909: 33.3°C at Epsom on August 15th

1908: 32.8°C at Dumfries on July 2nd

1907: 30.0°C at Lairg on July 16th

1906: 35.6°C at Bawtry on September 1st

1905: 30.0°C at Bawtry on July 14th

1904: 32.2°C at Margate on August 4th

1903: 31.3°C at Wryde on July 10th

1902: 31.9°C at Hereford on June 28th

1901: 33.3°C at Newton Rigg, Bawtry & Colly Weston on July 19th

1900: 35.1°C at Cambridge on July 20th

1899: 32.4°C at Cambridge on August 25th

1898: 33.3°C at Cambridge on September 8th

1897: 32.2°C at Cambridge on August 5th

1896: 31.2°C at Norwood on July 14th

1895: 30.6°C at Stratfield Turgis on September 25th/27th

1894: 30.6°C at Weston-super-Mare on July 1st

1893: 34.7°C at Wryde on August 18th

1892: 29.4°C at Cambridge on July 3rd

1891: 30.0°C at Loughborough on September 10th

1890: 28.3°C at Llandovery on September 6th

1889: 30.3°C at Regents Park on August 1st

1888: 31.1°C at Cambridge on June 25th

1887: 31.7°C at Cambridge on July 3rd

1886: 31.7°C at Southampton on July 4th

1885: 33.3°C at Southampton on July 26th

1884: 34.1°C at Hillington on August 11th

1883: 28.7°C at Norwood & Tunbridge Wells on June 29th

1882: 29.2°C at Portsmouth on August 6th

1881: 35.0°C at Camden Square on July 15th

1880: 30.7°C at Loughborough on September 4th

1879: 26.8°C at Hillington on July 29th

1878: 33.9°C at Llandudno on June 27th

1877: 29.7°C at Stratfield Turgis on June 18th

1876: 35.0°C at Cambridge on August 14th

1875: 30.1°C at Hillington on August 16th

Some facts or trivia about UK's hottest days

An absolute maximum temperature of 34°C or more has been seen in the UK in 30 years since 1875 {1876, 1884, 1893, 1900, 1906, 1911, 1921, 1923, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1941, 1947, 1948, 1957, 1959, 1975, 1976, 1989, 1990, 1995, 2003, 2006, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020}. 34°C was achieved for 6 consecutive years somewhere in the UK between 2015 and 2020 which is by far the longest run of 34°C years on record beating 2 consecutive years in 1932/33, 1947/48, 1975/76 and 1989/90.

Of the years above, 35°C has been achieved in 15 years since 1875 {1906, 1911, 1923, 1932, 1948, 1957, 1976, 1990, 1995, 2003, 2006, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020}. 

36°C or more has been achieved in 8 years since 1875 {1911, 1932, 1990, 2003, 2006, 2015, 2019, 2020}.

37°C or more has been achieved in 4 years since 1875 {1990, 2003, 2019, 2020} albeit each of them have all been since 1990!

38°C or more has been achieved in 2 years since 1875 {2003 and 2019}.

30°C has been failed to be achieved on a single day of a calendar year in the UK in 21 years since 1875 {1877, 1879, 1882, 1883, 1892, 1910, 1913, 1920, 1927, 1931, 1958, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1974, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1993}. The lowest annual absolute max temperature was recorded in the extraordinary cold year of 1879 with only 26.8°C. 

Hottest days in the UK for each extended summer month on record

May             32.8°C    Camden Square                             22 May 1922   

                    32.8°C    Horsham                                         29 May 1944

                    32.8°C    Tunbridge Wells                            29 May 1944

                    32.8°C    Regent's Park                                29 May 1944

                    32.2°C    Camden Square                            31 May 1947

June            35.6°C    Southampton                                28 June 1976

                    35.6°C    Camden Square                            29 June 1957

                    35.5°C    Southampton                                27 June 1976

                    35.4°C    North Heath                                  26 June 1976

                    34.4°C    Heathrow                                       21 June 2017

                    34.4°C    Waddington                                  03 June 1947

July             38.7°C    Cambridge Botanic Gardens       25 July 2019

                    37.8°C    Heathrow                                       31 July 2020

                    36.7°C    Heathrow                                       01 July 2015

                    36.5°C    Wisley                                            19 July 2006

                    35.9°C    Cheltenham                                   03 July 1976

August        38.5°C    Faversham                                     10 August 2003

                    37.1°C    Cheltenham                                   03 August 1990

                    36.7°C    Raunds                                           09 August 1911

                    36.1°C    Camden Square                            19 August 1932

                    36.1°C    Tottenham                                     19 August 1932

September 35.6°C    Bawtry                                            02 September 1906

                   35.0°C     Maidenhead                                  01 September 1906

                   34.6°C     Raunds                                           08 September 1911

                   34.4°C     Gravesend                                     13 September 2016

                   34.2°C     Westley                                          03 September 1906

The history of the UK's hottest day

2019   38.7°C   Cambridge Botanic Gardens   25 July

2003.  38.5°C   Faversham                                 10 August

1990   37.1°C   Cheltenham                               03 August

1911   36.7°C   Raunds                                       09 August

Republic of Ireland

2021: 31.2°C at Durrow on July 22nd


2020: 27.1°C at Newport (Furnace) on June 1st

2019: 29.8°C at Ardfert (Liscahane) on June 27th

2018: 32.0°C at Shannon Airport on June 28th

2017: 28.6°C at Phoenix Park on June 21st

2016: 30.4°C at Mount Dillon on July 19th

2015: 26.1°C at Dublin (Glasnevin) on June 30th

2014: 28.8°C at Durrow on July 25th

2013: 31.0°C at Dooks on July 19th

2012: 28.3°C at Ardfert (Liscahane) on May 25th

2011: 26.0°C at Cavan (Drumconnick) & Athy (Chanterlands) on June 3rd

2010: 27.1°C at Elphin on May 22nd and Ardee (Boharnamoe) on May 23rd

2009: 28.6°C at Galway (University College) on June 2nd

2008: 25.9°C at Ardtamon on July 27th and Cork (Clover Hill) on July 28th

2007: 27.0°C at Dooks on June 9th and Cavan (Drumconnick) on June 11th

2006: 32.3°C at Elphin on July 19th

2005: 30.3°C at Kildalton on July 12th

2004: 28.2°C at Adare Manor on August 2nd

2003: 30.4°C at Boora on August 8th

2002: 26.5°C at Cavan (Drumconnick) on August 5th

2001: 28.4°C at Ardee (Boharnamoe) on July 28th

2000: 28.5°C at Cavan (Drumconnick) on June 18th

1999: 28.0°C at Warrenstown and Athy (Chanterlands) on July 9th

1998: 26.7°C at Cork (Clover Hill) on August 8th

1997: 28.4°C at Ardfert on May 31st

1996: 27.0°C at Ardfert (Liscahane) and Shannon Airport on June 16th, Kilfinnane Education Centre and Killarney (Muckross Hse.) on June 17th

1995: 31.5°C at Carlow (Oak Park) on August 1st

1994: 26.8°C at Portlaoise (Coolnamona) on August 1st

1993: 26.1°C at Boora on June 28th

1992: 26.5°C at Derrygreenagh on June 29th

1991: 28.4°C at Cahirciveen on September 5th

1990: 31.0°C at Dublin (Glasnevin) on August 2nd

1989: 30.5°C at Lanesboro (Doire Dharog) on July 19th

1988: 26.0°C at Dungarvan (Carriglea) on June 23rd

1987: 27.3°C at Dublin (Phoenix Park) on August 16th

1986: 27.0°C at Clonsast (Bord na Móna) on June 27th

1985: 25.1°C at Dublin (Merrion Square) on July 2nd & September 30th

1984: 27.9°C at Cork (Clover Hill) on July 27th

1983: 32.2°C at Carlow (Oak Park) on July 14th

1982: 27.0°C at Glencolumbkille (Drimroe) on June 4th and Kilkenny on August 3rd

1981: 26.2°C at Cork (Clover Hill) on August 25th

1980: 26.5°C at Enniscorthy (Voc. Sch.) on August 20th 

1979: 25.8°C at Enniscorthy (Voc. Sch.) on July 16th & 17th, Ballybrittas on July 27th and Dublin (Glasnevin) on July 28th

1978: 26.5°C at Boora on May 31st

1977: 28.7°C at Ballybrittas on July 7th

1976: 32.5°C at Boora on June 29th

1975: 31.5°C at Ballybrittas on August 3rd

1974: 26.5°C at Ballyvaughan on June 21st

1973: 28.7°C at Boora on August 15th

1972: 28.7°C at Killarney (St. Finans Hosp.) on July 19th

1971: 26.9°C at Enniscorthy (Voc. Sch.) on July 8th

1970: 27.9°C at Warrenstown on June 10th

1969: 29.6°C at Fermoy (Moore Park) on July 15th

1968: 26.6°C at Tuam (Airglooney) on June 12th

1967: 26.4°C at Ballybrittas on June 17th

1966: 26.2°C at Ballincurra on July 22nd

1965: 25.2°C at Ballybrittas on June 29th

1964: 26.0°C at Ballybrittas on August 3rd

1963: 26.8°C at Dublin (Rathfarnham Castle) on July 30th

1962: 25.0°C at Clonsast (Bord na Móna) on June 8th

1961: 28.4°C at Gurteen (Agr. Coll.) on September 1st

1940: 28.9°C at Birr Castle & Rathfarnham on June 8th/Glasnevin & Trinity College on August 9th

1939: 28.9°C at Carrick-on-Suir & Cork on June 6th

1938: 25.6°C at Birr Castle & Foynes on August 3rd

1937: 27.8°C at Hazelhatch on August 2nd

1936: 26.7°C at Glasnevin & Hazelhatch on August 29th/Cork on August 31st

1935: 27.2°C at Newcastle on July 13th

1934: 32.2°C at Foynes on July 9th

1933: 30.0°C at Kilkenny on July 4th

1932: 27.2°C at Newcastle on July 9th

1931: 25.6°C at Foynes on August 5th

1930: 27.2°C at Newcastle on August 27th

1929: 27.2°C at Kilkenny, Foynes & Mountmellick on July 14th/Foynes on July 15th

1928: 28.3°C at Killarney on July 22nd

1927: 26.7°C at Mountmellick on May 7th

1926: 29.4°C at Mountmellick, Kilkenny & Killarney on July 14th

1925: 30.0°C at Killarney on June 9th

1924: 23.9°C at Dublin City on July 15th

1923: 30.0°C at Waterford (Gortmore) on July 12th

1922: 27.8°C at Killarney on May 30th/Foynes & Glasnevin on May 31st

1921: 32.2°C at Killarney on July 12th

1920: 25.0°C at Birr Castle on May 25th

1919: 27.2°C at Carrick-on-Suir on August 14th

1918: 28.9°C at Killarney on June 1st/2nd

1917: 26.1°C at Glasnevin on July 13th

1916: 29.4°C at Killarney on August 6th

1915: 25.6°C at Killarney on June 22nd

1914: 27.2°C at Mountmellick on July 11th/Kilkenny on July 21st

1913: 26.7°C at Wexford on August 14th/Waterford (Trg. Coll.) on August 15th

1912: 24.4°C at Roches Point on July 15th/16th

1911: 31.1°C at Killarney on July 13th

1910: 26.1°C at Limerick (Mungret College), Birr Castle & Killarney on July 14th

Some facts or trivia about the Republic of Ireland's hottest days

An absolute maximum temperature of 30°C or more in the Republic of Ireland has been achieved in 18 years since 1910 {1911, 1921, 1923, 1933, 1934, 1975, 1976, 1983, 1989, 1990, 1995, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2013, 2016, 2018, 2021} but this includes a gap in years currently available between 1940 and 1961 (not inclusive) whilst it was unlikely 30°C was recorded in any year during this period.

Of the years above, 31°C has been achieved in 12 years since 1910 {1911, 1921, 1934, 1975, 1976, 1983, 1990, 1995, 2006, 2013, 2018, 2021}. 

32°C or more has been achieved in 6 years since 1910 {1921, 1934, 1976, 1983, 2006, 2018}.

No years since 1910 have achieved 33°C or more and 1887 remains the only year to do so when Ireland recorded 33.3°C at Kilkenny Castle which is still the national record as of 2021.

Hottest days in the Republic of Ireland for each extended summer month on record (incomplete)

May             28.4°C    Ardfert                                            31 May 1997   

                    28.3°C    Ardfert                                            25 May 2012

                    27.8°C    Glasnevin                                       31 May 1922

                    27.8°C    Killarney                                         30 May 1922

                    27.2°C    Ballyshannon                                 26 May 2017

June            33.3°C    Kilkenny Castle                             26 June 1887

                    32.5°C    Boora                                             29 June 1976

                    32.0°C    Shannon Airport                           28 June 2018

                    31.6°C    Ardfert                                           27 June 2018

July             32.3°C    Elphin                                             19 July 2006

                    32.2°C    Foynes                                           09 July 1934

                    32.2°C    Killarney                                         12 July 1921

August        31.5°C    Oak Park                                        02 August 1995

                    31.5°C    Ballybrittas                                     03 August 1975

September 29.1°C    Clongowes Wood College          01 September 1906